One of the world’s leading exporters of fine tea
Sri Lanka is the 3rd largest tea producing country in the
world, it has a production share of 9% internationally

Dalcott only packages high grown tea in Sri Lanka. High grown teas, which are grown in the cities of Dimbula and Nuwara Eliya, are reputed for their taste and aroma and are highly sought by tea importing countries.
  • Apple Cinnamon
  • Blackberry
  • English Breakfast
  • Lemon
  • Mango Peach
  • Mint
  • Orange
  • Blueberry Vanilla
  • Earl Grey
  • Peach Apricot
  • Raspberry
  • Tropical Fruit
  • Wild Cherry
  • Orange
In the 19th Century, British Colonialists introduced tea plantation to Sri Lanka. Since then Ceylon Tea became
universally accepted as the producer of the finest tea in the world. To maintain reputation the name was never
changed to Sri Lankan Tea when Ceylon changed its name to Sri Lanka in 1972

Unfortunately some of the tea in your local supermarket that is sold as Ceylon Tea may not actualy be Ceylon Tea.
Pure Ceylon Tea is still handpicked which makes it very expensive, therefore when bulk tea leaves Sri Lanka it is
often mixed with inferior teas from India and Kenya to reduce price. These cost cutting measures effects the taste
of the tea and it can no longer be compared to pure Ceylon Tea.

Dalcott provides you with the finest Ceylon Tea shipped directly from Sri Lanka