• Dalcott packages pure high grown Ceylon teas.
    The tea is hand plucked every morning and
    Traditional manufacturing processes are
    utilized to produce the aroma and flavor that
    only the finest teas can offer.
  • Next, we add marvelous fruit flavors to create
    a range of taste sensations that will bring joy
    to even the most discriminating palate.
  • The unique balsa wood boxes we use are made
    from the Albesia tree,which is native to Sri Lanka.
    These trees grow at an incredibly fast rate of 50
    feet in 10 years. The Albesia tree is planted
    on the tea estates in the mountains of Sri Lanka
    to provide shade for the tea bushes. The trees
    must be cut down before their over powering
    roots cause damage to the tea bushes.

  • Every time one of the Albesia trees is cut down,
    many more are planted. Dalcott Tea provides a
    wonderful after market for the trees and in
    addition, we hire native craftsmen from Sri Lanka
    to create each wood box by hand.
  • Dalcott Tea is currently being sold in the
    following locations: